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The animal figures in this series of paintings invite thoughts about human beings' relationship to other animals as they exist in reality and in our imagination; and further, to a consideration of the shifting, ill-defined boundaries between the two perspectives.

The representations of animals are intended to be images onto which we can project our emotions. Taking this process one step further, I surround the figure of the animal with an environment of color and shape that amplifies feeling, so that what is ultimately depicted is the spirit of the animal in an all-encompassing world whose aspects are a matter of my creation.

As I proceed with a painting, I incorporate art-historical themes that engage me––Expressionist, color-field, Cubist, neo-Realist––and arrive at something of my own invention.

If the paintings are successful, the disquieting imbalances, in which figurative tangles with the a new riff on abstraction or realism, and intellectualism vies with emotionalism, will satisfy the art experience for painter and viewer alike.

The small works are free association, the trying out of ideas.

I studied at Hunter College and The Art Students League, New York

M.A. Hinders