M. A. Hinders

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Recent Work: Evolution of the BeBop Character
Character#6 Character #4 Character #5 Character #3 Character #2 Character #1
Character #7 Character #8 BeBop Times Six Characters Rescued from Carnival Dartboards Ordinary Day In Red Landscape BeBop Inside, Outside Raining Dogs and Dogs BeBop Spekas Grid BeBop In Love BeBop Dinner
BeBop Visits Outer Space Traveling the Interstellar Causeway BeBop and Friends Rendezvous BeBop and Pals, Hanging Out
BeBop With Spaceperson BeBop and Robot Friend BeBop and Robots Selfie A.I. All At Sea BeBop Goes West BeBop and Bee Tulips for BeBop Cherry Blossoms



May, 2017
Kosmik Kiitty #5 Puppy #3 Kosmik Kitty No. 4 Kosmik Kitty #3 Pink Puppy Kosmik Kitty Blue No. 1 Proto-Puppy
Caution Dog Kosmik Kitty #2 Grizzly #1 Grizzly #2 Kosmik Monkey No. 1 Blue Rhinoceros
The Tigers
Turquoise Tiger Cherry Tiger Red Tiger Blue_Green Tiger Yellow Tiger Blue Tiger White Tiger
Small Paintings
Surfing Venus Worm with Cane Four Cylinders Future Dog Nude with Coffee Mug The Wild West Child's Toy Bowl with Spoon
Monkey w Umbrella Crouching Figure I Seven Sea Serpents Crouching Figure II Red Boat Car Shirts Self-Portrait T-Rex in Tux
Robots Ballet Robot Couple Robot Boy with Robot Dog